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Cosmetology is the study of Hair Design, Nail Technology and Esthetics.

Today, beauty is both an art and a science. To achieve success, the progressive cosmetologist must be able to combine creative skill with technical knowledge. Northwest College School of Beauty provides the student with the tools to become a highly respected professional in the salon and spa industry. Our program is contemporary, innovative, practical, and offers an accredited professional training program. The task-oriented curriculum is to train students for careers as Cosmetologists, Nail Technicians, Estheticians and Hair Designers as well as Barbers.

The Northwest College School of Beauty teaching methodology is based on small groups of students. This allows for plenty of one on one instruction while giving students the benefit of group teaching and discussions.

The Cosmetology program is performance-oriented, based on a modular instructional system. "Performance oriented" means students must not only complete their clock hours, but also complete all required academic courses and laboratory projects, perform a variety of clinic operations, pass written, oral, and practical examinations, and meet salon quality guidelines. After satisfactorily completing these requirements, the student is graduated and may take the State Examination for certification.

Our educational program presents current research in cosmetology arts and sciences in complete, printed instructional, and audio visual modules. Each module covers one subject, using the student text, review, videotapes, instructor presentations and hands-on training. With the instructors' assistance in demonstrating and organizing the learning sequences, the student experiences a program of learning achievements. Education and training based on Salon Readiness Objectives have several important advantages. Specific criteria are used in order to assess the student's levels of achievement.

Focus is placed on the student's ability to perform specific job-related assignments. Instruction for more than 50% of the course of study is based on realistic salon situations and work problems. Since an understanding of theory is an essential foundation for developing practical skills, considerable attention is given to the development of this body of knowledge.

Full Course Cosmetology - Hair, Nail & Esthetics Program: 2300 hours

The full-license cosmetology course of study contains units of instruction in hair design, esthetics, nail technology, safety and sanitation, and career development. Upon successful completion of this course of study, the graduate will be eligible to apply for the Oregon State Board of Cosmetology examination for an Oregon cosmetology (full) certificate. A certificate in cosmetology would allow the graduate to work in such areas as esthetics, nail technology, hair design, make-up, platform artistry, image consulting, education, training, retail sales, salon and spa management, shop ownership, corporate management, etc. The possibilities are virtually endless!

CIP - 12.0401; SOC - 39-5012.00, 39-5092.00, 39-5094.00, 39-5091.00

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Travis Henry, @bigTtheBarber, Class of 2011

I entered Beauty School not sure what to expect and with no prior cutting/barbering experience. I did research on a few local Beauty Schools and went with what felt right for my family and the locations that worked for me. The campuses were beautiful, the staff was awesome, and there was a variety of different students. Beauty school is what you make of it. It's the school's responsibility to teach you the rules, help you achieve greatness, and give you the tools you need to succeed in this profession. Northwest College did that for me. This business is 75% Passion and 25% skills, NW College can get you those skills if your willing to do your part. I graduated in March of 2011; I'm now a Certified Educator for Eufora International, Owner of Chop Shop Hair Studio, Co-Owner of  Doo or Dye Salon, President of the North West Barbers Alliance, and Business Partners with Shave Envy. You can achieve anything you want with the right training, support, and a passion.” - Travis Henry, Class of 2011

Jessica Koch, Class of 2014

I was very scared going back to school after nearly 20 years, but attending NW College in Tualatin made it an easy transition. I had no idea what to expect from beauty school or if I was making the right career move, but in no time at all I knew NW College was the right decision for me. I had amazing instructors that were encouraging and pushed me to trust in myself and my creative abilities. I graduated on November 22, 2014 and because of the great academics of NW College passed my state boards and became licensed on November 26, 2014. I had interviewed with several salons leading up to my graduation and started working immediately as an independent contractor on December 2, 2014.. Attending NW College was the best decision of my life, I’ve never been happier going to work each day. I LOVE my career choice as a licensed Cosmetologist.” - Jessica Koch, Class of 2014

Licensed & Accredited

Accreditation by a nationally recognized agency provides assurance that a school is established and recognized as a quality institution, has adequate facilities and equipment, maintains recognized and approved courses of study, and employs competent, qualified faculty. Northwest College is accredited by NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences) and is licensed by HECC (Higher Education Coordinating Commission). Northwest College is a 2014 Modern Salon Excellence in Education Cosmetology School.


Modern Salon Excellence in Education, NACCAS, AACS, Oregon Department of Education