September 25, 2023

Exciting News! Scholarships were awarded to future cosmetologists!

Northwest College awarded three scholarships to students of Sabin-Schellenberg Professional Technical Center during their graduation ceremony on Monday, May 18th. We had a wonderful time during Sabin’s visit to our Clackamas Campus and are excited to see those passionate individuals attend our school. The students submitted essays, letters of recommendation and photos of their cosmetology work. The entrants were all impressive, but finally three future students were decided upon. Their remarkable stories and notable grade point averages were a large part of the deciding factors.

We’re thrilled to see where these inspirational students take their passion!

$6000 Scholarship: Lizbeth R.

$4000 Scholarship: Summer M.

$2000: Nichole G.

Thank you to all entrants! We’re excited to continue our relationship with the Sabin-Schellenberg in the future!

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