September 25, 2023

It is all in the BROWS

FACE FRAMES:  Eyebrows are not only fashion statements that are dictated by skinny or full brows, rounded or blocky…our brows are the frames for true expression. The twitch of a brow can give you a hint of what is going on inside that head. Actresses can use this tool to give the most subtle to dramatic statements.

“You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow”  -Jack Black

Shaping and grooming these assets isn’t as easy as it looks. Most women that have well maintained brows visit their esthetician every 2-4 weeks. Waxing, tweezing, trimming, tinting and filling in with pencils or powder to achieve the best look…whether you want defined brows or the softest frames. Even the guys are visiting the brow bars and spas to complete their grooming. It is definitley on the list of maintenance for a well groomed man.

Here are some of our favorite famous brows:

Audrey Hepburn                                             English model-actor Cara Delevingne

Rita Hayworth                              Lucy Liu


Eyebrow shapes are as trendy as pant legs, so it looks like Estheticians will always be busy taking care of these face frames.

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