September 25, 2023

Prom Watch 2018…….. Hair

Prom Watch 2018…… Hair

Prom season is upon us and we all know how hard it is to know what hot, new Nail, Hair and Make-up trends are going to be a big hit this prom season. But lucky for you, you have us, and we have done the research for you. The last in our 3-part prom blog post series is all about Hair.

#1- We love buns! This is a great go-to for any prom goer! We love that it’s not perfectly slicked back and has a bit of character to it.

#2 – We love the messy- half up, half down look! The tossed curls really make this an edgy look. Love!

#3- This look is a great for anyone with shorter hair. You will be right on trend with the braid (one of the hottest looks this season!) and the curls tie it all in!

#4- By far one of our faves! We love the braids, and the low bun! A show stopper look for sure!

#5 How fun is this look? We love the braids, and the big teased pony, making this look a must!

#6 This is so fun! We love any look that make your hair into a work of art. This is another great half up, half down style.

#7- This is a great look for anyone with shorter hair. And the touch of glitter is the icing on the cake!

Make sure you call one of our 6 locations for your Hair appointment this prom season! We cannot wait to see what your inspiration is! We hope you loved our 3-part blog series and it brought you great Nail, Make-up and Hair inspiration! Happy Prom 2018!!

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