September 25, 2023

Prom Watch 2018…….. Nails

Prom Watch 2018…… Nails

Prom season is upon us and we all know how hard it is to know what hot, new Nail, Hair and Make-up trends are going to be a big hit this prom season. But lucky for you, you have us, and we have done the research for you! First up in our 3-part prom blog post series is all about Nails.

Nails have really become a great way to add a fun flair to any style. This year’s nail trends have been one for the books. With so many options, you really can’t go wrong. But to help make a decision between your many trend options, we have listed the top nail choices for Prom Nails 2018.

#1: Caviar Tips- We LOVE the contrast between dark and light with this picture. Caviar tips give great texture!

#2: Ombre Glitter – Everything about this look is amazing! We love the two-tone glitter Ombre with the matching shadow; a big win for any prom-goer!

#3: Gold Glitter- Glitter nails are always a good idea. This look is a great way to glam up any dress or keep the outfit over the top! Whichever is your look, gold glitter nails do not disappoint!

#4: Thumb and Ring Finger Glitter- Love glitter but not a whole hand worth? This is a great trend for you! We love mixing colors, but you can also do the same color glitter as polish for just a hint of sparkle.

#5: Matte Nails- Matte nails are everywhere this season! Blue is one of the top spring colors, Win, Win, Win!

#6: French Mani- Love something classic? Look no further then a French manicure! So classic, classy and timeless, this nail is a great go to for any dress!

#7: Greys- Grey is so hot this season! Grey pairs great with almost any color, which makes it a great choice when planning your prom nails. We love the grey glitter mixed with a different hue of grey. You can add in a fun fashion color to make it a little edgy, add in a matte grey polish, or an off-white.

#8: Simple but Glam Glitter- We LOVE glitter tips, and this one has us wanting to make our next nail appointment now! This would be great with any color glitter, but the gold makes it feel like prom to us.

We hope we are making your prom nail decision easier! Don’t forget to make you prom nail appointment at one of our 6 salons and be sure to bring in all your nail ideas. Check back in in the next few days to see our top Make-Up trends for Prom 2018!

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