September 25, 2023

Skincare Resolutions for Great Skin in 2016

Are you ready to commit to a more beautiful YOU in 2016? We have compiled a list of tips to help you get there.

These winter months can leave their mark on our skin. Time to replenish and protect from the drying effects that continuous indoor heating, wind and cold can have on our skin. Not only our faces suffer but our bodies, including hands and décolletage.

1. Drink plenty of water~ Sometimes we don’t realize how dehydrated we can get in cold weather. Consider adding some fresh lemon or fresh extracted vegetable juice for extra nutrients.

2. Add some Serum to your moisturizer~ Target your skincare treatment by custom blending a serum/booster into your moisturizer. This is especially important overnight while your skin is working hard to repair itself. Check out these Bioelements options.

3. Get a Humidifier~ Cold dry air this season can strip our skin of essential moisture. Add some humidity back into your home environment by getting a humidifier. You can also keep a pot of boiling water on the stove during your awake time at home. We have seen some small cool-air devices that you may be able to have at the office.

4. Body Wraps~ Schedule your spa appointment to get a hydrating body wrap. This can help soften your skin increasing it’s ability to attract moisture. Other benefits of the body wrap include its therapeutic relaxing effect which is good medicine for all of us. The wrap also helps to add moisture back into our neglected skin areas that we tend to forget about because we are bundled up until spring. Click here to schedule your Citrus Fruit Oil Hydrating Body Wrap at one of our six locations today!

5. Clean your Phone~ The much used and touched surfaces of our hand-held devices can carry unwanted dirt, oils and bacteria that can cause break-outs. Use some disinfecting wipes to give your phone a clean start for 2016. Here are some chic options from Sephora.

6. Wear your Gloves~ Not only the ones you put on while outside but consider wearing gloves while cleaning and doing dishes. Having your hands in water and harsh cleaning products can be really hard on our skin and cause dryness. Keep some hand cream next to your bed so you remember to apply it at night. To combat dry skin, request a parrafin dip at your next manicure appointment.

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