September 25, 2023

Spring Hair Trend – Gem Roots!

Spring has sprung, which means one thing: What is the cool, new hair color trend we should book our next appointment for? The answer is a little confusing. Gem Roots! Yes, gem roots. The beauty world is combining two millennial favorites with this one; healing crystals and head-turning hair shades. Crystals have been taking over the beauty world lately. They are being added into soap, hair products, been inspiration in fashion trends, and now haircolor trends.

The new hair trend was first spotted by Allure on Las Vegas based hair stylist, Chita Beseau’s Instagram. The well-known hair stylist told Allure she specifically chose colors that paid tribute to the “spiritual tones” and chose rich purple to layer over client’s roots to recreate the same depth seen in geodes and other mineral rocks.

Beseau’s paints different amounts of each shade for every section of hair, to insure you can see every color of the pastel hues no matter how the client’s hair is parted. Using only soft pastel tones in mint green, baby pink and lavender the hair style is very goddess like. Will this be your next hair inspiration? Book an appointment at one of our student salons to get your new spring haircolor!

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